Weekly Update

Week :10

Week:9 - Hi T3 People,
Rummy'O' Competition has kicked off today and has been very successful. We will try and run this 'knock out' competition every day providing we have full attendance.
Lots of exciting web sites are being used for our current learning and the children are mastering their devices really well.
Our calendar art is also underway this week and already some interesting designs have been produced.
Have a good week and hopefully, we will be sharing 'Seesaw' with you all soon.

Week:8 - Hi T3 People,
Next term we hope to share you in on what the class is doing by using a web program called 'Seesaw'. It is a very exciting portfolio style of presentation which your child will be able to explain.
Next week we will begin our class Rummy-O competitions - small prizes for all - bigger prizes for the WINNERS! Have a good week.

Week :7 - Hi T3 People,
Back to normal this week - Maths ( mass/weight) -  as we estimate the mass of bags and people before applying the bathroom scales. Lots of surprises and lots of good maths going on. Reading, going well, as we assess pupils ( reports out soon) and encourage them to practise more to improve.
Emotional writing has worked well so far - a bit of bribery and corruption with m&m's - hope you don't mind. Have a good week and thanks again for your on-going support.

Week : 6 - Hi T3 People,
A short week made even shorter this week as I join the Incredible Years teachers, on Thursday, for a day at Red Beach School - chatting/discussing the merits of positive intervention within the classroom. Back at school the class will be involved in their Inquiry topic with Anne Gallie. They are working independently - researching questions to find solutions to their inquiry.
We will take the opportunity this week to revise concepts taught over all subjects covered so far this year. As the cooler weather arrives we will do our best to adjust.....

Week:5  - Hi T3 People
Many thanks for your positive feedback and support last Wednesday during our learning celebrations.
We have continued with our CHANGE experiments observing and discovering how colours change according to acid and alkaline.
This week we are exploring measurement and fractions in maths as well as practising our CLUB 100 skills. Reading for Understanding is the key this week and we are using INSPIRATIONAL images in our writing. VLC soccer competitions begin this week.


Week : 4 - Hi T3 People - check out a few of our cool photos from our science experiments CHANGE!!!
Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Wednesday and listening to your children as they share their learning journeys with you.

Hi T3 People,

Week 3 - Science experiments have been a great hit, now the children need to decide on which direction to go... which experiment excited and tempted their curiosity?
We continue the push with problem solving in maths and our writers will be encouraged to write short stories with lots of impact. Reading continues to makes inroads as the children enjoy making the most of our brilliant library. Have a good week and thanks for your ongoing support.

Hi T3 People,

Week 2 - We have had a great day today as we launched into our Inquiry topic CHANGE ( Science). We did Zing and Zizz so don't be surprised if your children raid your pantry and start mixing your ingredients.
We are looking at what we can do in maths, reading and writing as we set our learning goals for the term. Reminder - Wednesday 24th May is our Learning Celebration Day. Please book online.

Hi T3 People and Welcome to T2,

Over the holidays we had a team come in and redecorate our classroom in black and blue -looks fantastic. So we have had a job today restoring all our hard work back onto the walls - but looks great! Back into our learning as we begin to add more colour and impact to our stories, read read read exploring EPIC BOOKS and Readtheory (devices) as well as our own real library. In maths we will be revising place -value, addition and subtraction before moving onto fractions, multiplication,  division and aspects of measurement. CHANGE with a big science emphasis is our INQUIRY journey for this term.
Our devices are becoming increasingly invaluable as we discover more educational sites to explore.

Hi T3 People,

Week 11 - last week of the term, time to reflect on our achievements. What have we learned so far this year? Everything comes down off the walls as we make way for our new black and blue wall lining - yay.
We are booked in block 1 Wednesday with the bikes and bike track - so kids please bring bikes/ helmets if you have them.
ORCA is playing a huge part in our school as we immerse ourselves in our core values so come Thursday we will be watching "Free Willie" as our term comes to an end. Thanks everyone and enjoy your children in the holidays.

Hi T3 People,

Week 10- challenge to stay awake in this sticky heat.
This week we will place a special emphasis on writing skills to improve our writing. We are looking at sentence structure. Lots of children are sharing their wonderful stories with me.
Maths problem solving strategies are the big focus - on going weekly basis.
This week we have a change in our reading programme where T1/T3 work in their home rooms.
The focus for T3 is 'listening comprehension' where the children listen carefully to instructions before recording their decisions on paper.
Have a great week.

Hi T3 People,

Week 9.  Where has the time gone?
The children are becoming more familiar with Napara and google docs as we continue to explore and share our writing with one each other. I am able to make corrections and make comments on the work that is shared with me.
Maths Club 100 continues to go well as the children become used to the programme. Place value and various methods of adding and subtracting are the main focus for the class at present.
T1/T3 Reading programme continues to function well. In T3 we will be continue with reading for fluency and reading for understanding.
An inquiry is centred on the community - how we are different? how we are the same. The children
have noticed the changes that have occurred around the school since late last year. Have a great week.

Hi T3 People,

Week 8 - The children are sharing more of their writing with me this week on google docs and then viewing it on the big screen. As a class we can assist each other with proof-reading and editing tips.
We are exploring place - value in maths to get a better understanding of knowledge as we continue to brush up on basic facts.
T1/T3 Reading programme takes a shift as we swap our groups over. In T3 we are pushing reading for fluency and reading for understanding. Brilliant gala support. Have a good week.

NB. Some children are being monitored very closely while on their devices to ensure they are using them correctly.

Hi T3 People,

Week 7 -  Final session today concluded our successful swimming programme.
This week we are writing and sharing our stories on google docs. Some students are working on 'building their confidence' as they prepare themselves to read to an audience.
Our team T1/T3 reading programme is working well - remember students to take books home.
We will be making more of a push this week with Club 100 (maths) which covers number as well as more 'traffic noticing' as we compile doc. sheets in statistics.
Our Inquiry is taking us beyond the ORCA into the larger world of whales and fish. How does this impact on our community?

Thanks for your support - have a good week.

Hi T3 People,

This week (6) sees the completion of our formal assessments for a wee while. On going observations continue as we endeavour to teach to the needs of the children.
Scholastic story starters will come into play more this week as we work on adding colourful adjectives to our stories. IXL and studyladder continue to boost our Number programme when the children are on devices and we plan to introduce readingtheory.org to supplement our reading  programme.

Have a good week everyone !

Reminders : Swimming - Mondays and Wednesdays :::::::: Library : Thursdays

Hi T3 People,

This week we will be doing more assessment to find out what we need to learn in reading , writing and mathematics.

We are exploring Scholastic story starters in our writing, (devices) - we are using Studyladder and IXL to improve our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction.(devices)

We will also be using our devices to enhance our inquiry learning. ( our school values)

Reminders : Swimming - Mondays and Wednesdays :::::::: Library : Thursdays

Bike Track Official Opening - Wed Mar 1st 2:30


Hi T3 People,

Next week Monday 20th - swimming begins at the Leisure Centre for our year 4 students.

Also, please bring in your DEVICES and we will make a start.. YES!!


Hi T3 people,
We are into week 3 and this week we are learning to make our stories more exciting as well as finding out how to play cool maths games like Rummy 'o'.
Monday is our swimming day and sometimes Wednesday. Our team is also out with Kevin on a Monday - charging through the water slide.


Hi T3 people,

Swimming starts for our Year 4 students Monday Feb 20 and will continue at the Leisure Centre for 4 sessions. Our Year 3 students will swim at school during these times.

As soon as our chrome books kick off we will sort out websites to use at home.

We have started off the year well. Any concerns please contact me. Thanks for your support.

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